Strand Woven Bamboo Flooring

harder and more resistant than most wood flooring


Hard and Durable

Strand-woven bamboo provides one of the hardest parquet floors that can be made from rapidly renewable raw materials. With a density of 1030 kg/m3 and a Brinell hardness of 9.5 kg/mm², fiber bamboo is much harder than most wood species used for flooring.

This high density bamboo is also much harder than other bamboo flooring formats, including wide slat and high edge slat bamboo. High density fiber bamboo provides floors with extremely high resistance to normal wear and tear and resists indentation and impact damage.

Bambus für Parkettböden

Strand woven bamboo

for resistant floors, terraces and furniture

Passive energy house in Dresden-Plauen: Parquet flooring installed with high density strand-woven bamboo 3-layer planks in colors Natural and Coffee on underfloor heating.

When a new home is built or renovated to Min Energy standards, a bamboo floor can contribute to the overall design concept for the standard.

The durability of bamboo and its high-end appearance allow for the ambiance of premium wood floors at a reasonable cost to both the wallet and the environment.

"High density" strand-woven bamboo floors

Just as attractive and hard as IPE

Ipe (Lapacho) is a hard wood that is harvested from the tropical forests of South America. It is one of the hardest types of wood and exceeds the hardness of almost all other tropical and European hardwoods, which are used for flooring production. Nevertheless, it is a product of tropical forests which are being harvested to dangerously low levels.

Bambusholz: Härtevergleich

Bambusparkett Härtevergleich

It is now possible to obtain the advantageous hardness of Ipe with a rapidly renewable product, and at a much more competitive price. HDG bamboo is much harder than other types of wood used for floors and has a similar appearance to expensive tropical hardwoods. It is made of bamboo, which is obtained from controlled forests in China and processed into flooring with modern European equipment and procedures.

Faserbambus Treppe

Strand woven bamboo stairway

Bamboo is generally dimensionally stable and this is especially true in the longitudinal direction of bamboo planks. Therefore, bamboo products are very suitable for flooring that should not bend. The very high flexural strength of strand-woven bamboo makes it an ideal option for suspended stair treads. As a substitute for wood, it offers excellent strength along with a tropical wood look that is ideal for high-end objects.

Information articles

Strand-woven bamboo flooring range

Colours of strand woven bamboo flooring

Bamboo colour tones

Bamboo products are available in two main colors, including natural and steamed (caramel or "coffee"). The caramel/"coffee" color is created by steaming the raw bamboo fibers, which gives the bamboo wood a continuous warm brown hue by caramelizing the natural sugars contained in the bamboo. This color is permanent and extends throughout the bamboo caramel product.

Bamboo is a natural product and the basic color is subject to slight variations depending on growth conditions, manufacturing conditions and bamboo variety. Therefore, there may be slight variations in color shade between different production batches of the flooring.

Faserbambusparkett Boden verlegt in Farben Natur und Coffee

Bamboo floor with caramel colour

The strand-woven bamboo colors are bold and rich, resulting in a distinct tropical hardwood look. Fiber bamboo is a good and environmentally friendly alternative to tropical hardwood of all types. It is generally just as durable and long-lasting.

Strand-woven bamboo flooring products

2-ply pre-finished parquet

Strand-woven bamboo tongue & groove planks
Dimensions:900 x 90 x 10mm
Construction:Strand-woven bamboo wear layer with horizontal bamboo cross-ply
Colour:Natural, caramel
Finish:Matt lacquered, factory oiled
Installation: Glue-down
2-ply high density bamboo parquet planks

Two-layer parquet strips are ideal for gluing on underfloor heating.

The 4 mm thick strand-woven bamboo wear layer is supported by a 6 mm thick cross layer of horizontal bamboo. The tongue and groove milling enables the planks to adapt to the variations resulting from the changes in the moisture content in the room.

Although these planks are usually processed by professional installers, they are relatively easy to install and the small format means less waste and scrap. Two-layer small format floor boards are often used for installation in large rooms or halls.

High density strand-woven bamboo planks are available in natural and caramel colors and can be supplied with a matte lacquered finish or pre-oiled at the factory.

3-ply large planks

Strand-woven bamboo tongue & groove planks
Dimensions:1850 x 142 x 13mm
Construction:3-Ply with strand-woven bamboo wear layer and horizontal bamboo carrier and cross-ply
Colour:Natural, caramel
Finish:Matt lacquered, factory oiled
Installation: Glue-down
3-Schicht High density bamboo flooring

Three-layer planks offer an elegant, high-quality floor for both compact areas and larger rooms. The strand-woven bamboo surface offers the look of a large format plank floor with a tropical hardwood look.

The durable layer of strand-woven bamboo is supported by two horizontal bamboo layers laid crosswise. This flooring has good dimensional stability and can be installed with underfloor heating, if the standard conditions for installation with heating are met.

Available colors include natural and caramel. The planks can be supplied matt lacquered or factory pre-oiled.

Premium 3-ply large boards

Strand-woven bamboo click binding
ier layers and horizontal bamboo cross-ply
Colour:Natural-white tinted, caramel
Finish:Matt lacquered
Installation: Floating floor, glue-down
3-ply density bamboo flooring

These premium sized wide planks offer a high quality, elegant floor for residential and public spaces.

The planks have a three-layer structure with hard layers of strand-woven bamboo as the top wear layer and for the bottom support layer. In between is a cross layer of horizontal bamboo. This creates a highly stable product that can be installed both floating and glued.

When glued, the planks can be used with underfloor heating if the standard precautions and procedures for installation over underfloor heating are followed.

Premium click planks are matt lacquered and available in caramel and white-stained natural.

Strand-woven industry parquet

Hard and resistant strand-woven bamboo
Dimensions:300 x 200 x 10mm
Construction:Strand-woven bamboo strips with binder
Colour:Natural, caramel
Finish:Raw - to be sanded and treated.
Installation: Glue-down
Industry flooring manufactured from strand-woven bamboo.

Industrial parquet is an inexpensive, robust and durable flooring alternative. Industrial parquet consists of short sticks, which are glued to the floor without the need for an insulating carpet pad. The raw floor is sanded and then treated with laquer, oil, wax or varnish.

Strand-woven bamboo industrial parquet is extremely hard and durable and is suitable for commercial use in stores, stores, schools, kindergartens and restaurants.

Accessories for bamboo flooring

Strand woven bamboo slats
Dimensions:1800 x 50 x 12mm
1830 x 68 x 15mm
Construction:100% strand woven bamboo rounded
Colour:Natural, caramel
Oberfläche:Matt lacquered, White laquered
Installation: Screw down
Solid strand-woven bamboo skirting boards

Skirting boards are an important feature of a finished floor. Solid fiber bamboo skirting boards are available in two different dimensions.

Natural and caramel colors are available and white lacquered finishes are also possible.


Strand-woven bamboo: multiple applications of high density bamboo

For upmarket residential objects

Bamboo instead of tropical timber

High density strand woven bamboo with its tropical timber look creates an attractive long-term flooring solution

Suitable for shops

Solid or engineered strand woven bamboo

Ideal for handling the high pedestrian traffic of commercial retail properties.

Durable for offices

Solid strand woven bamboo

High-density woven bamboo, tongue and groove milling, glued - hard and resistant

Retail properties

Strand-woven bamboo large planks

Able to withstand the stresses to which hardwood floors are exposed in high-traffic commercial areas.

Clinics and consulting rooms

Solid strand woven bamboo

Suitably resistant and at the same time offering a warm atmosphere in clinic environments


High density strand-woven bamboo

A floor covering that can withstand the impacts and stresses of restaurant and cafeteria establishments.

Office in a factory in Ticino

Strand woven bamboo

Solid strand woven bamboo glued down

High-traffic catering establishments

High density bamboo planks

solid or multilayer engineered strand-woven bamboo flooring planks are suitable for restaurant use.

Home and rental properties

Parquet and large plank flooring

Suitable for retail and rental housing for active families with children

Ideal for commercial zones.

extremely hard floors

Compacted bamboo parquet is characterized by extreme hardness, compressive strength and impact resistance.

Public facilities

Bamboo in World Cup Stadium

Strand woven bamboo flooring has proven itself in large public spaces such as football-stadiums.

High traffic areas

Fully solid strand woven bamboo

High Performance Density-bamboo suitable for application in public buildings such as airports


Properties of bamboo wood



Horizontal/Vertical bamboo

Density bamboo

Density:+/- 700 kg/m3+/- 1030 kg/m3
Brinell hardness:4.0 kg/mm²9.5 kg/mm²
Moisture content:8.3 % at 23°C and 50% relative humidity8.3 % at 23°C and 50% relative humidity
Emissions class:Class E1 (LT 0,124 mg/m3, EN 717-1)Class E1 (LT 0,124 mg/m3, EN 717-1)
Differential swelling:0.14% per 1% change in moisture content0.17% per 1% change in moisture content
Abrasion resistance:9'000 turns16'000 turns
Compressability:620 kN/cm2930 kN/cm2
Impact resistance:10 mm6 mm
Fire properties:Class Cfl-s1 (EN 13501-1)Class Cfl-s1 (EN 13501-1)


Strand woven bamboo

Density:+/- 1030 kg/m3
Brinell hardness:9.5 kg/mm²
Moisture content:8.3 % at 23°C and 50% relative humidity
Emissions class:Class E1 (LT 0,124 mg/m3, EN 717-1)
Differential swelling:0.17% per 1% change in moisture content
Abrasion resistance:16'000 turns
Compressability:930 kN/cm2
Impact resistance:6 mm
Fire properties:Class Cfl-s1 (EN 13501-1)

Comparison of important characteristics: Bamboo versus oak

bamboo hardness
Bamboo density
Bamboo impact resistamce
Bamboo abrasion resistance

3-Ply strand woven bamboo in colour, Natural


3-Ply strand woven bamboo in colour, Coffee


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