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Bamboo craft boards and sheets


Bamboo craft and hobby boards

Bamboo panels are suitable for many interior design and household applications. With a variety of structural, visual and color options, bamboo boards can be used in a wide range of hobby, design and home improvement applications.

Bamboo craft boards are available in a variety of thicknesses and dimensions. Sizes include A4, 40x30cm, 60x40cm and 80x60cm, but custom sizes are also available. Board thicknesses include 3mm, 5mm, 6mm, 7mm, 12mm and 15mm.

Bamboo boards can be processed with conventional woodworking tools. The same products are also used for gluing and assembling as for wood. The surface absorbs paint, oil, wax or varnish well.

Bamboo hobby boards have many applications that include table tops, countertops, furniture in general, caravan finishing, household items, art forms and laser cut designs. Bamboo plywood panels are suitable for laser cutting and are especially useful for artists and craftsmen.

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Bamboo board selection

Bamboo thick veneer panel

3mm Multiplex veneer

Size:A4 / 40x30cm / 60x40cm / 120x60cm
Construction:3mm 5-Ply vertical bamboo

The 3mm multiplex panels are thin, light and stable and can be bent without breaking. They are ideal for use in hobby and design projects.

Multiplex Bambusplatte mit Stärke von 5mm

5mm 1-Ply boards

Size:A4 / 40x30cm / 60x40cm / 80x60 / 120x60cm
Construction:5mm 1-Ply vertical bamboo
Colour:Natural or caramel

These single-layer solid panels with an edgewise lamella look are solid and dimensionally stable for use in board constructions and boxes.

Multiplex Bambusplatte mit Stärke von 5mm

5mm 1-Ply horizontal

Size:A4 / 40x30cm / 80x60 / 120x60cm
Construction:5mm 1-Ply horizontal bamboo

Single-layer wide lamella hobby boards offer a defined bamboo look and are suitable for model, crate or container construction.

Vertical Bamboo craft boards, 5mm

5mm 7-Ply boards

Size:A4 / 40x30cm / 60x40cm / 80x60 / 120x60cm
Construction:5mm 7-Ply vertical bamboo

These 5mm bamboo plywood boards are thin and relatively light and have good dimensional stability. They are good for general use in box making, model making, laser cut designs and more.

The boards are made of 100% bamboo and are available in the color caramel with an upright bamboo look. They are particularly recommended for design and hobby applications.

Multiplex 6mm Bamboo craft boards with 9 Plyigem Construction

6mm 9-Ply boards

Size:A4 / 40x30cm / 80x60 / 120x60cm
Construction:6mm 9-Ply boards

The 6mm 9-ply bamboo plywood panels have similar properties to the 5mm 7-ply panels. They are extremely strong and stable and are equally suitable for information boards, box making, model making, laser cut designs and general uses.

The boards are made of 100% bamboo and are currently available in the color natural with an upright bamboo look.

Vertical Bambusplatte, 7mm

7mm 3-Ply boards

Size:A4 / 40x30cm / 60x40cm / 80x60 / 120x60cm
Construction:7mm 3-Ply vertical bamboo
Colour:Natural or caramel

7 mm bamboo plywood panels with a vertical look and 3-layer construction offer the advantages of a relatively thin and light panel with good dimensional stability and structure.

For their thickness, these panels have good load-bearing capacity and are useful for making cabinets and similar lightweight furniture.

Bambusbretter mit 3-Schicht Aufbau, Vertikaloptik und Karamellfarbe

12mm 3-Ply boards

Size:40x30cm / 60x40cm / 80x60 / 120x60cm
Construction:12mm 3-Ply vertical bamboo

12mm 3-ply vertical look bamboo plywood panels combine lightness with strength for lightweight tabletops, worktops, shelves and cabinets where overall weight is a concern. These plywood panels are a good choice for campervans and all types of RVs.

15mm 1-Ply Bamboo craft board

15mm 1-Ply boards

Size:40x30cm / 60x40cm / 80x60 / 120x60cm
Construction:15mm 1-Ply vertical bamboo

15 mm thick single-layer vertical bamboo boards are a universal, solid product with good strength and dimensional stability. They are used in the manufacture of sturdy kitchen items such as chopping boards, draining boards, knife and cutlery holders, and cabinets and boxes.

Bamboo lamellae for design and furniture applications.

Bamboo strips

Size:250x2x0.7cm / 125x2x0.7cm
Colour:Natural or caramel

Solid bamboo sticks cut and planed from bamboo stems. These strips are strong but pliable and resilient and can be used for a variety of applications.


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