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Chests made with strand woven bamboo

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Bamboo panels for interior design, fittings and furniture manufacture

Bamboo furniture panels are suitable wherever wood is traditionally used. They can be easily used instead of wood in interior design, cabinet construction, for panelling, table tops, kitchen tops, counter tops and many other applications.

There are mainly 3 optical forms in which the panels are available. These include horizontal bamboo (wide slat bamboo), vertical bamboo (upright slat bamboo) or high density fibre bamboo (compressed bamboo).

Samples of bamboo panels

Bamboo panels are available in various grain and texture appearances as well as in colours ranging from light natural to caramel and dark brown tones. They vary in thickness from 5 mm to 40 mm and are supplied with different constructions from single-ply to 3-ply to 5-ply.

The structure and appearance of bamboo panels

Top: Strand woven bamboo, coffee/caramel, Middle: Horizontalbamboo (Natural), Bottom: Vertical bamboo (caramel)

Horizontal bamboo has a look that is clearly bamboo. Vertical bamboo has an appearance similar to bamboo, but is somewhat more neutral. High density fibre bamboo, on the other hand, looks more like tropical hardwood than bamboo and has hardness and density characteristics more like those of hardwoods.

High density fibre bamboo panels have a natural wood-like grain. Exceptional hardness and durability are other advantages.

Bamboo work table in an office

Stylish and functional solid and multi-layer panels made of 100% bamboo are particularly suitable for camper van conversion, as they are light in weight, yet have excellent tensile strength.

Bamboo panels can be machined with conventional woodworking tools. The same products are also used for gluing and assembly as for wood. Bamboo wood has a low resin content and the surface takes lacquer, oil, wax or varnish well.

For more information about bamboo panels and price details, please fill out the contact form here.


Bamboo panel range


3mm 5-Ply Bamboo veneer

Multiplex vertical bamboo

Dimensions:2440x 1220x 5mm
Structure:Solid (5mm), single ply
Application: Sanding, oiling or lacquering
1-Ply bamboo panels with thickness of 5mm

Multiplex veneer panels are more flexible and durable than single layer veneer sheets and are ideal for lamp design, wall or ceiling cladding and laser-cut designs.

When very thin and resiliant bamboo panel material is required, then 5-ply panels with a 3mm thickness, provide a good solution. The 3mm multiplex panels are flexible and can be bent without cracking or breakage. This makes them suitable for model building as well as for the manufacture of small boxes and containers of various sorts. Other applications include cake toppers, key tags, invitations, jewellery, business cards, bookmarks, plaques, signage and much more.

The 3mm multiplex bamboo veneer panels have 100% bamboo construction and are currently available in vertical bamboo design in the colour natural.

In addition to the 3mm multiplex panels, some 3mm single ply panels are also available while stocks last.


5mm 7-Ply Bamboo panel

Multiplex vertical bamboo

Dimensions:2440x 1220x 5mm
Structure:Solid (5mm), single ply
Application: Sanding, oiling or lacquering
1-Ply bamboo panels with thickness of 5mm

For applications where thin, light-weight bamboo panels with excellent dimensional stability is required, the 5mm 7-layer multiplex panels are ideal. These bamboo panels have surprising dimensional stability and resistance to bending or breakage considering their thin structure and lightness.

Multiplex 5mm bamboo panels are good general purpose thin panels for veneers, cladding, box manufacture, model building, laser cut designs, indoors architectural structures and much more. These panels are particularly recommended for design and hobby applications.

The 5mm multiplex bamboo panels have 100% bamboo construction and are currently available in vertical bamboo design in the colour caramel.


5mm Single ply solid panel

Horizontal and vertical bamboo

Dimensions:2440x 1220x 5mm
Structure:Solid (5mm), single ply
Colour:Natural, caramel
Application: Sanding, oiling or lacquering
1-Ply bamboo panels with thickness of 5mm

Single-layer thin bamboo sheets are suitable for making small-dimension items such as boxes, containers, holders and drawers.

These panels can also be used as veneer for cabinets, furniture, wall paneling and wall decoration. Their relatively light weight is advantageous for many of these applications.

5mm bamboo sheets and precut boards are used in arts and crafts and hobby projects. They can be laser cut or laser engraved for design purposes.

Available optical formats include horizontal bamboo and vertical bamboo in the colors natural and caramel.


7mm 3-Ply Bamboo panel

Vertical bamboo structure

Dimensions:2440x 1220x 7mm
Structure:3-Ply with middle cross-ply, 2-3-2mm
Colour:Natural, caramel
Surface:Planed, sanded A-side
Application: Sanding, oiling or lacquering
3-ply bamboo panels with thickness of 7mm

7 mm bamboo panels have a three-layer structure that offers the advantages of a relatively thin and lightweight panel with good dimensional and structural stability.

These panels are therefore ideal for applications such as wall cladding and ceiling finishes in kitchens, motor homes and camper vans.

7mm bamboo sheets and precut bamboo panels are used in arts and crafts and hobby projects and can be laser cut or laser engraved.

The available optical format is vertical bamboo patterning in both natural and caramel colours.


12mm 3-Ply Bamboo panel

Vertical bamboo

Dimensions:2440x 1220x 12mm
Structure:3-Ply with middle cross-ply, 4-4-4mm
Surface:Planed, sanded A-side
Application: Sanding, oiling or lacquering
3-Ply bamboo panels with a thickness of 12mm

12 mm 3-ply bamboo panels combine lightness with strength for lightweight table tops, worktops, shelves and cabinets where overall weight is an important consideration. These panels are a good choice for camper vans and all types of motor homes.

In general application, 12 mm panels can be used for worktops, shelving, light furniture, retail displays and signage. They are also useful for product designs and can be laser cut or engraved.

12 mm bamboo panels are available with a vertical bamboo look (upright slat bamboo) in the colour caramel.


15mm 1-ply solid panel

Vertical bamboo construction

Dimensions:2440x 1220x 15mm
Structure:Solid single ply (15mm)
Surface:Planed, sanded A-side
Application: Sanding, oiling or lacquering
Single ply bamboo panel with 15mm thickness

15mm single ply vertical bamboo boards offer an all-purpose solid product with good strength and dimensional stability. They are used in the manufacture of robust kitchen items such as chopping boards, draining boards and knife and cutlery holders.

These boards are also used as door and drawer fronts and in furniture construction.

15 mm bamboo panels are available with a vertical bamboo look (upright vertical bamboo) in the colour caramel.


20mm 5-Ply bamboo panel

Horizontal bamboo construction

Dimensions:2440x 1220x 20mm
Structure:5-ply with cross ply internal layer construction, 5x4mm
Colour:Natural, Caramel
Surface:Planed, sanded A-side
Application: Sanding, oiling or lacquering
5-Ply bamboo panels with thickness of 20mm

The 5-ply 20mm boards provide excellent structural stability and strength, making them ideal for table tops, kitchen countertops, cabinets, stairs, and furniture making.

The boards are available in horizontal bamboo appearance in natural and caramel colors.


Precut bamboo handicraft panels

Design and hobby panels

Dimensions:A4 / 40x30cm / 60x40cm
Structure:3mm, 5mm, 7mm, 12mm, 15mm
Colour:Natural, Caramel
Application: For hobby, home or project work
Information request:for price, packing and shipping details
Pre-cut vertical bamboo panels for hobby applications

Precut bamboo panel sections are available in A4, 40x30cm and 60x40cm sizes. Panels can also be cut to custom sizes as required. Please contact us for further details and pricing.


Bamboo strips

Planed bamboo strips

Dimensions:2580x 20x 7mm
Structure:Bamboo strips
Colour:Natural or caramel
Surface:Planed, raw
Application: For hobby, home or furniture application
Bamboo strips for hobby and design

Bamboo strips are thin solid bamboo slats that have been cut and planed from bamboo culms. They are strong but flexible and elastic and can be used for a variety of applications, such as woven furniture or hobby projects.

Bamboo strips are available in the natural bamboo color or in caramel.



Bamboo panel applications

Bamboo panels for cupboards and panelling in caravans and camper vans

Camper van refitting

3-Ply 7mm Vertical Bamboo

These panels are strong, dimensionally stable and lightweight making them ideal for the refitting and panelling of camper vans.

Window sills in passive house made of fibre bamboo, color Coffee

Window sills

High density strand woven bamboo

The caramel colour window sills match the strand woven bamboo flooring in this passive energy home.

Recycled clothing collection container made from fiber bamboo

Collection container

Made with high density fibre bamboo

Bamboo offers an attractive solution for collection containers lending an air of elegance to a functional item.

Bamboo joiner boards for kitchen countertops

Kitchen work surfaces

High density strand woven bamboo colour caramel

High density strand woven bamboo is ideal for work tops and general household and commercial surfaces.

Bamboo panels for designing game boards

Game board designs

Game board in caramel colour

The characteristic appearance and warm colours of bamboo panels facilitate interesting design possibilities such as new game layouts.

Cabinet made of compressed fiber bamboo panels in colours natural and coffee

Showcases and glass cabinets

Bamboo panelling in caramel colour

Suitable for hotels, stores and wellness facilities

Application of bamboo wood for making cutlery holders

Kitchenware and household items

Strand woven bamboo cutlery holder in colour natural

Suitable for household, catering and for hotels, stores and other applications

Bamboo plant stands and conservatory furniture

Bamboo panels in conservatories

Bamboo plant pot roller

The appearance of bamboo wood is ideal for conservatory applications.

Cutting board made of bamboo wood

Bamboo cutting boards

Lamella bamboo or fibre bamboo

Bamboo offers many design possibilities for household functional items.

Bamboo table for home or office use

Elegant table tops

Thick bamboo panels

Instead of tropical hardwood, strand woven bamboo or lamella bamboo can be used for fine quality tables and other furniture.

Bamboo panels for furniture, cupboards, shelving and showcases

Furniture - cabinets and shelving

High density strand woven bamboo

For durable furniture with tropical wood appearance

Tablet and mobile phone stand made from bamboo panelling

Tablet and smartphone stands

Horizontal-bamboo cell phone stand

Practical holder for tablets or smartphones for hands-free use in portrait or landscape format.

Bamboo design articles

Design articles in bamboo

Bamboo panels can be applied wherever wood is used

Bamboo items have become part of our daily life through breadboards, place mats, trays, knife holders and tea caddies.

Bamboo colour variety is suitable for exciting designs

Bamboo tray

Inlay design with strand woven bamboo

The variety of colours and the characteristic appearance of bamboo wood products allow exciting inlay designs.

Bamboo work tops and dinner tables

Counter tops and dining tables

Kitchen island with multiple uses

Hard, resistant and robust for demanding applications

Strong durable table with bamboo top

Board room table

Table made with 40mm horizontal bamboo

Dark brown bamboo creates an attractive and refined design.

Transport container made from bamboo multi-ply panelling

Transport container

3-Ply vertical bamboo

A renewable solution for transport and storage applications

Mobile bamboo multi-functional island

Everyday mobile functional island

Independent living for seniors

Mobile storage platform with four shelves for use in bedrooms, kitchens or home offices

Bamboo boxes, crates and chests

Ideal for box constructions

Solid bamboo wood for durability

Bamboo boxes can be made from bamboo sheets in a range of colours and designs.

Bamboo counter tops and fine dining tables

Work top in bamboo natural colour

Constructed with fibre bamboo solid wood panel.

Bamboo wood and "Lucky Bamboo" make a good combination.

Bamboo shelving

Solid and sturdy shelves

Compressed solid bamboo

Modular and flexible, suitable for any apartment.

Sample pieces of bamboo panels

Bamboo panel variety

Horizontal and vertical bamboo panels

Bamboo panels offer excellent design options for furniture and interior trim.

Bamboo beam

Lamella bamboo beams

Solid bamboo wood constructed from bamboo slats

Ideal for all types of furniture

Strand woven bamboo beams

High density solid beams

100 x 139 x 1830mm

Solid and robust raw material for hard bamboo flooring



Bamboo panels for campervans

Are you converting a campervan or motor home?

Then you are in the right place! Our stylish and functional panels of 100% bamboo are not only ecologically sound, they are particularly suitable for campervan conversions, as they are lightweight, but still have excellent tensile strength properties.

Bamboo panels are used for building flexible interiors and storage spaces in campervan and motorhome conversions, as well as strong but lightweight table and work surfaces.

Caravan cupboards and panelling done up with bamboo.

Bamboo for motor homes.

Evergreen Lifestyle bamboo panels are chosen by campervan and motorhome fitters not only because bamboo wood is stylish and available in both light and darker shades, but also because it is easy to work with and offers the good value for money compared to other wood products.

7mm Bamboo panels for application in camper rebuilds

Campervan upgrade

The panels are strong, dimensionally stable and lightweight; they are ideal for use in:

  • the furnishing and lining of motorhomes or caravans
  • the construction of flexible interiors and storage spaces in campervans and motorhomes
  • the construction of sturdy but lightweight table and work surfaces

Our 3-layer panels with 7 mm thickness and single-layer panels with 15 mm thickness are particularly sought after for campervan and motorhome interiors; 3-ply panels with 12 mm thickness are now also available.

Ideal for campervan cladding

5-Ply 3mm Vertical bamboo Natural

Strong, light and robust multiplex bamboo panels for cladding and cupboards

7-Ply 5mm Vertical bamboo caramell

7mm 3-Ply Bamboo panels are ideally suitable for building cupboards and structuring wall panelling in camper vans

3-Ply 7mm Vertical bamboo

Bamboo panels of 12mm thickness for cupboards and table tops in mobile homes

3-Ply 12mm Vertical bamboo, caramel

15mm solid single ply vertical bamboo panels for campervans

1-Ply 15mm Vertical bamboo, Caramel

Enjoy life on your own terms, especially in these times of limited mobility! Contact us for more information about bamboo panels suitable for use in mobile home extensions.

Bamboo panel application in camper vans

Storage and handling of bamboo panels.

Bamboo is a durable material for panel construction. It is, however, a natural product like wood and can therefore be affected by variations in indoor climate, humidity and temperature. It is therefore recommended that panels be treated with a high quality varnish or suitable oil to provide a good seal. This is important when the products are used in varying climatic conditions, such as in mobile homes or exposed areas.

Long-term exposure to UV radiation from sunlight can impact the color. In general, the color natural would tend to become slightly darker and the color caramel may become slightly lighter.

Bamboo furniture panels are manufactured for interior conditions and are not suitable for all weather outdoor exposure.

A clean, dry area is recommended for the storage of bamboo panels. They should be stored flat with good air circulation and should not be stored on their sides.


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