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Strand woven bamboo flooring and bamboo box

Renewable products for private and commercial flooring applications

With a product range that includes bamboo, bamboo-polymer composites or modified wood, we enable the discerning owner to have quality materials for indoor and exterior applications that are either rapidly renewable or which have recycled content.

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Sustainable, high-performance products

Glued strand woven bamboo flooring

HDG Bamboo (High density strand woven bamboo)) is a new generation of high-quality flooring.

High density bamboo is a responsible alternative to the imported hardwoods of all kinds, in particular the increasingly endangered tropical timbers.

Strand woven bamboo solid and engineered flooring, panels, decking and accessories are available in Europe. We deliver solid and multi-layer engineered bamboo flooring, bamboo panels and bamboo accessories in Switzerland; Germany, Austria, France, Netherlands and Belgium.

Solid and multi-layer bamboo flooring and short plank parquet have good dimensional stability and hardness. Bamboo flooring is suitable for installation in both commercial and domestic properties.

Bamboo: The clever alternative to wood

Strand woven bamboo installed over floor heating

The use of bamboo as flooring, wall paneling and furniture wood for interior and exterior use is increasing significantly as more and more home and property owners are aware of the benefits of bamboo.

Rapidly renewable:

Bamboo is the fastest growing renewable material that can be used for flooring. In fact, bamboo is actually classified as a grass rather than timber, growing up to 50 cm per day.


Bamboo offers an unbeatable combination of competitiveness and hardness compared with hardwood. Good working properties together with rapid renewability lead to a sustainable and affordable flooring solution.

Superior hardness:

Bamboo flooring is available in different surface hardnesses ranging from fairly "hard" to "very hard". The compressed, strand woven bamboo, form is actually one of the toughest wooden floors of all - an ideal solution particularly for rental properties, shops and studios.

Wide color selection:

Bamboo flooring comes in a variety of shades from a light natural light through caramel to dark brown. This color palette is achieved naturally by attenuation, without the use of dyes or pigments.

Diverse grain designs:

The grain of bamboo flooring ranges from more or less tradition bamboo-format through to a fully wood-like appearance. There is therefore a solution for everyone; from those who want a bamboo look to those, who would like to enjoy the technical, economic and environmental benefits of bamboo, while preferring a more traditional wood appearance.

Bamboo flooring characteristics and properties
Natural floating bamboo floor

Strand woven bamboo floor

Colour: Natural

Solid strand woven bamboo - tongue and groove, glued down

Engineered click strand woven bamboo floor

A hard strand woven bamboo floor

Ideal for office applications

3-ply strand wovn bamboo in colour, Coffee

Staircase of strand woven bamboo

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