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Design articles in strand woven bamboo


From the design workshop of Evergreen Lifestyle we offer high density bamboo products individually handmade in Switzerland. Products include boxes of various sizes and formats for a multitude of uses such as decorative boxes, gift boxes, memory boxes, knick-knack boxes, toy boxes, jewelry boxes, pencil boxes, Bling boxes, presentation boxes, storage boxes and a thousand other purposes, depending on your imagination .....

Products and Designs

Small strand woven bamboo box
Rectangular design

For many varied uses

"Chunky Charly" Boxes
Stocky and individual

unique designs with or without lid

Bamboo boxes „Cube“ series
Light but tough!

Made from 5mm HDG-Bamboo – multi-purpose decorative boxes

Boxes, Chests, Crates and Containers
Made to measure

Specially handmade HDG-Bamboo decorative items

Cutting board
durable and hard strand woven bamboo

Various sizes

Bamboo plant roller
for interior use

Custom-made; various sizes

Decorative Wall Panels


Decorative wall panels made by hand using strand woven bamboo; natural light and dark bamboo marquetry with colour inserts. Sizes and designs can be made to measure.

For further information

Please contact us for more information on custom designed wall panels and room dividers.

E-Mail and per telephone at +41 41 377 4075.

Small boxes

of strand woven bamboo

Tea boxes and jewelry cases

Staircase of strand woven bamboo

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