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Bamboo polymer decking

Resistant and colour stable


Bamboo polymer composite (WPC)

Bamboo Polymer Products (WPC) are composite boards, which consist of 65% bamboo flour to 25% recycled polyethylene or polypropylene and 10% of additives (including adhesion promoters, UV protection additives and color pigments).

  • Composition: 60% bamboo fiber, 30% high density polyethylene, 10% additives
  • Tile Substructure: recycled polypropylene (UV resistance)
  • Bare foot friendly and easy to clean
  • Durable and resistant to insects, UV radiation and climate
  • Environmentally friendly - recyclable
  • High color stability and continuous, measurable quality
  • High density and surface hardness

Bamboo composite (BPC) decking products

Vollmassiv HDG-Bambus Parkett
BPC solid decking planks - 25mm
  • Dimensions: 25 x 140 x 2900mm
  • Construction: Massiv BPC
  • Colour: Terracotta, Walnut
  • Surface: One side ribbed, other side smooth
  • Installation: Clips on sub-construction slats
2-Schicht HDG-Bambus Parkett
BPC solid decking planks - 20.5mm
  • Dimensions: 20.5 x 140 x 2900mm
  • Construction: Solid BPC
  • Colour: Terracotta, Walnut
  • Surface: One side ribbed, other side smooth
  • Installation: Clips on sub-construction slats
3-Schicht HDG-Bambus Parkett
BPC pre-assembled decking units
  • Dimensions 143.5 x 57.5 cm
  • Slat size 20.5 x 140 mm
  • overall height: 48.5 mm
  • Price per unit: CHF 90.75
  • Price/m2: CHF 110.00
3-Schicht HDG-Bambus Parkett
BPC decking tiles
  • Dimensions: 30 x 30 x 20 mm (installed)
  •  31 x 31 x 20 mm (individual tile)
  • Construction: polypropylene frame
  • Colour: Terracotta, Walnut
  • Surface: ribbed
  • Installation: Tiles linked by click system

Product news and applications

BPC Terrace
Natural and elegant

Resistant and colour stable

Sustainable material
A sensible terrace

Made from a blend of 60% bamboo and recycled plastic bags - good use of raw materials.

Polymer composite terrace
Snow resistant

Suitable for cold climates

BPC terrace tiles
Colour terracotta

Ideal for balconies and small outdoor area outdoor surfaces.

Sunny terrace
Solid BPC planks

Colour stable and barefoot friendly

Terrace tiles of BPC
Entrance area

Laid on existing concrete slabs - individual tiles connected by a click system; at any time disassembled again

BPC indoors
In winter garden space

Actually, better than wood because color remains stable and the floorboards are free of splinters and barefoot friendly.

Bamboo WPC 25mm

installed by TRENDPARKETT AG, Lucerne

Conservatory in BPC
Colour stable

Ideal for conservatories due color stability and moisture resistance

Bamboo composite terrace
Walnut color

Mounted on an existing concrete patio structure.

BPC terrace
Walnut color

Mounted on pedestal substructure

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